Pippa starred in a Valentine’s Day parody with Celia Keenan-Bolger for RACKET!

RACKET thinks that all people deserve a shame-free relationship with their periods regardless of socioeconomic circumstances. We believe that access to menstrual hygiene products is an essential part of building agency for all menstruating people, and are fighting for this access on many different fronts. We regularly partner with arts organizations, businesses, churches, and shelters to collect menstrual hygiene products, and help facilitate their distribution to people with limited access. And we collaborate with journalists and activists to help publicize their work in the field of menstruation and gender equality.

Check out the short film below, as well as screencaptures and behind the scenes photos in the gallery!

Gallery Links:
Film > RACKET Valentines Day Parody (2018) > Screencaptures
Film > RACKET Valentines Day Parody (2018) > Behind The Scenes

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